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  • Sarah Whitebloom

Half of care homes fail inspections

Half of care homes, reported on in the last month, failed to meet acceptable standards, with 50% of residential homes being rated 'Requires Improvement' or downright 'Inadequate' by the Care Quality Commission.

And it was not just care homes, nearly half of all services inspected by the regulator, which includes hospitals, surgeries and homecare agencies, were also found wanting.

This table [right] is from the front page of the CQC's website today, showing that five times more inspections found 'Inadequate' services than reported 'Outstanding' services.

It is amazing what you can find out when you visit the regulator's window for the world. While looking to see if the regulator has, as promised, published the figures for which homes have suffered Covid outbreaks, OLM found that one in five care homes for older people is currently not meeting the required standards.

That's 1,950 homes which 'Require Improvement' and 138 homes which are 'Inadequate' out of a total of 10,589 homes for people over the age of 65.

Still no sign of the figures on Covid outbreaks though. Why is that??

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