Should my mother go
into a care home?
Can she live at home or in an adapted home?
Does she need help to live at home?
 Does she need help to live at home?
Does she need round-the-clock care or nursing?

Could she remain at home with occasional home care visits?  

Investigate nursing home options. See OLM advice here and CQC site here

Does she need a residential home, rather than nursing?

If she doesn't need home care, explore OLM's alternative options

Yes, she needs company and support, not nursing. See OLM advice here and CQC site here

She would hate to be in a care home - investigate alternatives. Here

Does she need round-the-clock care or nursing?

If she cannot live alone or her home is unsuitable, think about other options - consider if it could it be adapted

Investigate local home care options. See OLM advice here

Check out the CQC, care regulator, website here

Could she move to more suitable accommodation? 

Occupational therapists can advise on adaptations, Advice 

If her home is unsuitable and she cannot move , maybe she needs to consider residential care. OLM here and CQC here

Consider alternatives.


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