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If you had to start somewhere, you probably wouldn’t start here. It may be inevitable along with taxes but, when it comes to old age, most of us leave it much too late before assessing our options and taking decisions about the future. And, by the time we get around to making decisions, those options may longer be available.


So the sooner you start thinking about it, the more options you are going to have.




At a vigorous 75, just back from a cruise, it is unlikely anyone will want to make plans about future care needs. But it is precisely then that you have a chance to control what will happen in future and most choices will still be available to you.  Problems could be just around the corner. Realistically, they are just around the corner.

 Of course, much depends on health, in terms of potential care needs. But even that can be anticipated with a best case care scenario. What you don’t want, is to leave everything until the last minute – when you will be stuck with the worst case scenario.


  • Where you live

  • What your future life will be like


  • How much autonomy you will have


  • Who will make decisions when you cannot




You or your parents are coping, just. But things are starting to go wrong. They are phoning a lot and sometimes over quite trivial things. You need to start getting things sorted out before problems start to overwhelm you – and them. There is no time to lose. Some options may already be closing down.


    Swift action is necessary if any of the following apply:

  • You always answer the phone saying: ‘What’s wrong, Mum?’;

  • There’s always a list of things for you to do when you visit;

  • Shopping, cooking or cleaning is a problem and/or you don’t like travelling in a car driven by them;

  • Going upstairs is a challenge;

  • Old routines are falling by the wayside;

  • There’s forgetfulness and then there's forgetfulness.



What to do now?


  • Make a list of what needs to be done and do it;

  • Housing is the biggest issue. There is no time to lose with this. You may already have missed some opportunities. Click here to find out more;

  • Support.  There are lots of ways to help but, if you’re organised, you will be so much more effective. Click here to see what is available and here to see how to lift the burden;

  • Care. Is it time to start thinking about getting care?

  • Money. Are you claiming everything to which your relative is entitled?

  • Future. Get an action plan together to help your parents have the life they want;

  • Family. It’s time to sit down with the family and work this out together. That way, no one person is left trying to do it all.

It doesn't have to be complicated: planning makes sense

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