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  • Sarah Whitebloom

Lights, camera, action?

If a 90-year old mother, who has dementia, tells you that the staff in her care home are abusing her, chances are they are going to vehemently deny it.

What do you do? Should you believe her, when she’s not even that sure who you are? Should you believe the staff, who brush off her concerns as typical?

Cynical as ever, and you really need to be, OLM advised concerned relatives this week to place a hidden camera in her room. If all is well, as the staff claim, it will set your mind at rest. If there’s a problem, as she claims, you can get some evidence.

They may not like it, but hidden cameras have helped the authorities uncover abuse and neglect. Why take a chance? People put cameras on their houses and alarms on their cars, why not protect your parents?

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