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  • Sarah Whitebloom

Why does everything have to be so hard? A reader asks OLM Forum

An 80-something reader writes that her biggest problem is trying to find out what to do and where to get help. She and her 90-year old husband live at home, completely independently, but the situation is coming apart at the seams.

They are both unwell, spend considerable gruelling time attending a hospital 30 miles away - and always at really inconvenient times. They are buckling under the strain. By the time they get home, they can't prepare a meal and don't want to eat anyway.

No one has told them what help they could get - in terms of benefits or transport or even a blue badge to make the daily parking nightmare a little easier. They trundle along unnoticed, never complaining.

Their family tries to help but is working. They feel alone, in a world that doesn't care.

It's a typical story, one experienced by so many older people, and the reason why OLM was set up. See the OLM Forum here

Older people - alone and unnoticed?

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