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  • Sarah Whitebloom

HO HO NO? What if your older relative won't come for Christmas?

Older people are for life - not just for Christmas, as we were reminded last yuletide. And today we are told by the Jo Cox Commission that social isolation is a national problem - and not just among pensioners.

But, the fact is, loneliness and isolation are particularly significant issues for our oldest members of society. Many families, charities and churches do their best at this time of year to reach out to such people, bringing them into the fold and trying to make sure they are not forgotten.

What can you do, though, if Aunty or your parents refuse to come for Christmas? They may be trying to get you to take notice. But should you change all your plans, to satisfy them? How far do you go to bring the oldest sheep? You can't make them come...can you?

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Christmas is coming

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