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CQC: Nothing to Report

There are some 16,000 care homes in England and the regulator usually issues dozens of reports a week - some shocking, some critical, some approving and a few full of praise. Each week, OLM sifts the reports and names a 'Worst' and 'Best' care home. It can be a very time consuming business and one we take seriously - despite, perhaps, appearances.

But this week, there has been just one report into a residential home....yes one.

There have been no Outstanding homes, no Good homes and no Inadequate homes. There has been just one report issued by the Care Quality Commission and that was to a home which 'Requires Improvement'. Not wishing to single it out, we will not name the home here - other than to say that it has improved remarkably since its last inspection, which just goes to show that 'Inadequate' homes can improve, if the owner is prepared to put in the effort.

Recent news indicated that more residential homes than ever before are closing. What this story did not make clear is how many of those homes had been shut down by the regulator for delivering really bad care or how many were closed by the owners, who did not want to take the trouble to bring them up to standard. In quite a few cases, home owners have taken to shutting the doors rather than provide good care.

Presumably, the CQC will be back from their holidays next week and OLM's service will resume.

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