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  • Sarah Whitebloom

Older People deserve better, says Care Minister

BUSINESS is failing to meet the needs and aspirations of older people in the home and in the workplace, according to the Minister for Care, Caroline Dinenage MP. Despite representing a near half-billion-pounds a year market, older consumers are failing to receive the products, services and workplace experiences they want and need because firms.

Although older consumers account for some £473 billion of spending annually, the reality is that services and good aimed at this market, from home appliances to care, are often poor quality, unimaginative and even shoddy. Meanwhile, companies fail to account for the growing percentage of the working population in the over 65s category by making places of work accessible.

Speaking in London, the Minister urged business to 'seize the opportunities' represented by the 'silver pound' generation and produce goods and services, which older people want to use and buy. She said: 'Ultimately older people deserve better - better services, better products and better experiences in the work place.'

Many products aimed directly at the older market are very functional in appearance and take advantage of the lack of choice.

See OlderLivingMatters advice on products and services here.

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